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Apr. 18th, 2006 07:40 pm
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So what has Keiran been up to anyway?


"Professor McCullach? Can you elaborate on the histocompatibility complex antigen action, as discussed in your paper...?"

He could, but this was neither the time nor the place. That was for a classroom setting, not a public introductory lecture. He told the grad student as much, and they subsided in a sort of guilty funk.

"Professor McCullach? What about the exponential undifferentiated cell growth exhibited in your early experiments? You made no mention in later papers of how it was overcome...."

Ah, but a research paper had to be tightly focused on the topic at hand, and by the time he'd negated the chain reaction, there were larger, more important issues for discussion and presentation. The reaction was, however, footnoted in at least two papers, with indication of where to cross-reference for more detail. Perhaps if he cared to research a little more thoroughly...?

The questions kept coming, which was only to be expected, but was still tedious in the extreme. Keiran had better things to do, easier ways to deliver the information they were begging for. The public forum was really a prestige piece for this university and, unfortunately, included as part of his teaching exchange contract.

That was the reason he was in town after all, though he'd neglected to explain to Jake. The research team back at Braden University were working on smaller scale applications of the hybrid technology, using his research but without specific need for his expertise. Leaving them to their own devices freed them from his shadow, and him from the lab. He'd have been happier simply doing a lecture tour, but when it was a case of a year-long teaching contract here at Hunt University or loss of research grants.... Well. He didn't mind teaching, really.

"Last question," he said, eyeing the clock at the back of the auditorium with relief. "Yes?"

"Dr. McCullach, is it true that you failed to patent your work and have left Braden U after an argument over research rights with subsidiary teams?"

A reporter. There was always one snuck into the crowd of academics. He smiled slightly.

"No," Keiran replied, "There is no truth to that rumour. I embraced the opportunity to share information when it was offered, and my colleagues at Braden wished me well, as always." He paused, holding the reporter's gaze. "If anything, they might simply be happy to have the current generation wyvern out of the lab -- it frees up considerable floorspace."

There was a small ripple of laughter at that, and the reporter nodded somewhat grudgingly. "But the patents?"

Keiran tried not to sigh. "If you'll recall, the precedent regarding transgenic subjects was established some decades ago, with the patent of the 'oncomouse'. The wyverns fall partly under the same line of reasoning -- in that they are transgenic, non-human beings with form and properties not present in the original article existing in nature. However, given the vehicular base onto which the lizard transgenic material is grafted, they are also subject to another class of patents regarding inorganic matter."

Keiran paused again, but the reporter merely frowned at him, fingers a little too tight around their recorder. "They are a hybrid species. Various patents have been filed, some of which are still under deliberation. You are more than welcome to contact the patent office for details."

Gathering his notes, Keiran nodded to the crowd. "Thank you all for attending, and I look forward to working with the talent this university has to offer."

He was looking forward to a coffee and escaping back to his new apartment, but simply getting out of the auditorium and off the university grounds was the first hurdle.


1 - Harvard oncomouse patent issue.
2 - Mad props to [ profile] imperial_artist for help with my pseudo-bio-tech. ^_^
3 - Thanks to Kiro for the university name suggestions. Bonus points to those who get the in-joke. (I didn't, the first time. >.< )


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