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For [ profile] y_sanada, because she asked, and because she was right.


The cops impounded Calder that night. There wasn't much the wyvern could do about it, except make himself very, very heavy, and force them to use a crane to get him onto the flatbed of a tow truck. He keened the entire night; a high-pitched but barely audible whistle that thoroughly creeped out the night watchmen at the impound yard.

It took the better part of two days for the lawyers -- Keiran's and the university's -- to arrange for Calder to be returned to Hunt U. The keening hadn't stopped, although sometimes it was only the ghost of a whisper. When Calder arrived at the university's lab, he was fussed over by a crew of grad and post-grad students, but it wasn't until Keiran walked in and laid a hand on the wyvern's fender that Calder finally stopped crying and allowed them to put him into stasis.

Keiran's heart broke all over again at the sight of Calder, and he refused to leave the wyvern's side for nearly a week while he did the bulk of the emergency repairs himself. It almost helped to be angry at Tamsin; even if it wasn't justified, it was easier than just missing him. The anger gave him motivation, and if he worked himself into exhaustion just so he could sleep, well. No one was going to tell him to stop, really.

It was a month later -- a week after Keiran simply left -- that they finally woke Calder up again. Strangely enough, the fact that Keiran was not there made it somewhat easier for the wyvern. Keiran would have been a reminder of Tamsin, and Calder was just as happy not thinking about his missing owner.

The idea that Keiran might have adjusted the wyvern's code somehow crossed the mind of a couple of the post-grad students, but they never spoke of it. If he had, the wyvern was happier for it. More than one of them had taken a liking to the plucky little wyvern, and after what had happened, none of them could think of him as "just a car." In Keiran's absence, he was adopted by the team, and made quite the fuss of. He never knew about the laws and lawyers, of course; he wouldn't have understood them. But the administration went to great lengths to protect him.

As far as Calder was concerned, it was a good life at the university.

Kind of like going home.


Date: 2006-11-10 04:53 am (UTC)
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I needed this. Calder was almost like a pet. I do pet rescues, so I needed to know that Calder was okay. This chapter also allowed me to grieve with Keiran (which I needed), sorry you had to be my therapist. This fic was incredible!!! I truly loved it. And even though I knew from the beginning I wouldn't like the ending. I did. You are truly one of the best authors on the net. I anticipate updates from Jackal and the Node (my favorite). Thanks for being my friend. And double thanks for "Calder."


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