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(Jake and Tessa ficlet (and Keiran mostly by implication). Post Wrap-timeline)


The first time Jake asked Keiran to teach him how to properly service the wyverns, it went like this:

"...There is an entire university program designed around doing just that."

"Yeah, but I'm good with cars. And, uh... mechanical... things."

And he was met with stony silence.

The second time didn't go any better for Jake, although he was a little more eloquent in his argument.

The third time was not the charm. The third time actually ended in a horrific argument, of which the final line was:

"Get the fuck out of my apartment and take your goddamn elitist, 'education is the be all and end all and I can't do shit because I'm not as educated as you' attitude out of my fucking garage!"

It took them a week to get over that one. Not that either of them really apologized, but they did at least both manage to say, "You had a point." It was as much concession as they would make.

About a week after that, the diagnostic module finally arrived (and Jake knew for a fact, now, that it had been held up by paperwork and Keiran's team at the university). The same day, he found a hard copy of a maintenance manual sitting on his coffee table. Returning to the bedroom, he kissed Keiran (who was still mostly asleep in Jake's bed), then headed downstairs to the shop.

Tessa was sitting in the first bay, waiting for him. Jake turned on the diagnostic computer and threw in the disk he'd received. While he was waiting for it to load up, he turned to the wyvern and laid a gentle hand on her hood. Sarah wasn't in -- it was Sunday -- which was about the only reason he was willing to do what he was about to do.

"I, uh... about your... brother? ... I guess," he began, haltingly. "The other wyvern, that is. I want you to know that I never meant to hurt him. I just... I didn't know... s'why I want to learn, so I don't make a mistake like that... just in case... y'know?"

There was a long silence -- just long enough to make Jake feel really sheepish, edging towards stupid, for talking to a car like he expected it to talk back. And then Tessa chirruped, cheerfully.

"Right," Jake muttered after a moment. "So, uh, I'm not gonna do anything major, right? I'm just gonna have a look, see if I can figure out what I did wrong, at least."

The low, comfortable vibration that answered him was not a purr. No, it was just the engine idling. Really. Even if he hadn't started it.
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