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Every so often

a) LJ threatens to delete inactive things

b) I think I should rework this whole story as origi-fic

c) I realize, it's not quite done, but the rest is another epic.
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Archiving: Steve, Val, and talk of jobs

(Steve, Val, and talk of jobs. Ficlet, post Wrap-timeline.)


"...I could get a job," Val offered spontaneously, one morning.

Steve didn't even look up from his paper. "No." It seemed obvious to him that the subject had BAD IDEA written all over it. But Val didn't remember....

"Why not?" Val asked, frowning. "I mean, I know you'll get to go back to work, but I don't want to just freeload, and it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra, right?"

"You can't," Steve said. Because you're not really human....

But-- )
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Archiving: Jake and Tessa ficlet

(Jake and Tessa ficlet (and Keiran mostly by implication). Post Wrap-timeline)


The first time Jake asked Keiran to teach him how to properly service the wyverns, it went like this:

"...There is an entire university program designed around doing just that."

"Yeah, but I'm good with cars. And, uh... mechanical... things."

And he was met with stony silence.

The second time didn't go any better for Jake... )
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For [livejournal.com profile] y_sanada, because she asked, and because she was right.

Calder )
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Epilogue 1 ~ Kidding Ourselves

We're kidding ourselves, kidding ourselves
so what do you want from me?
As long as there's a pay phone and a taxi cab, I'm alright
cuz I can leave home

We're kidding ourselves, kidding ourselves
so what are you waiting for?
cuz even with a cell phone and a fast car I won't leave
cuz I'd be alone...

~*~*~ )
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Part 32 ~ Fin

When all that's left is tying up loose ends...

Part 32 )
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Part 31

Leaving isn't necessarily the easy part.

Part 31 )
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Part 30

It's never as simple as it appears.

Part 30 )
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Part 29


... No, you don't get a clever opening for this. Only warnings that would be spoilers and a request to please don't shoot the Author. ~_~

Part 29 )
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Part 28

Required reading.


And sometimes, the present moves too quickly.

Part 28 )
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Part 27

Make sure you've read Part 26 before you read this!


Sometimes, you can't bury the past fast enough...

Part 27 )
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Part 26

Sometimes, you have to walk away...

Part 26 )

Non-story post!

But interesting nonetheless, if you've read Aaron's backstory.

RFID: a great way to keep track of immigrant workers.

Or, you know, criminals. Or other folks.
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Part 25

In which Steve would have a hefty speeding ticket if he weren't a cop. ^_^;

Part 25 )
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Part 24

Days are just like moments turned to hours....

Part 24 )
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Part 23

Temperature Rising

Part 23 )
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Part 22

So what has Keiran been up to anyway?

Part 22 )
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Archiving: Tamsin wouldn't sulk...

!drabble, for International Saiyuki week. Reposting from my own journal.

Tamsin wouldn't sulk.... )
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Part 21

Cops, twice in one day? Sheesh.

Part 21 )