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!drabble, for International Saiyuki week. Reposting from my own journal.

Tamsin wouldn't sulk.... )

Part 13

Sep. 22nd, 2005 05:55 pm
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Bonus chapter! with twins flashback! o.O;

In which... um... ah, hell. :p Jake and Keiran Talk. Yeah. Let's leave it at that.

Warnings: um... Aspiring mad scientists and some violent weird shit. (so says Kiro, who is responsible for that part of the plot via a freakin' weird nightmare had while camping.) But not between Jake and Keiran. Yeah. *scratches head*

Part 13 )
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Aaron's backstory. yeah I couldn't think up a better title ~_~

Timeline: Set before Justice
Rating: Mature for topics
Warnings: Oh ghods.... Death of minor characters, implied m/m relationship (no smut), violence, drugs, suicide, religion, underage, non-con. Nothing explicit, but very very dark.
Words: ~4600, in 5 chapters


1. Disassociation )

2. Connection )

3. Option )

4. Reaction )

5. Intervention )
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Follow-up to Justice, set some years after the events in that story, but before Like Opening, Like Closing.

~730 words, worksafe except for some swearing.

Justice, Revisited )
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New! Not previously appearing elsewhere!

Set a few weeks after Like Opening, Like Closing. Worksafe.

Trust )
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So... was speculating on AIM with Kiro (not avoiding work, really, I was working... ahyeah...), and suddenly I had 500 words of fic splat on me. o.O; Apparently this story needed telling.

You need to read the main fic (preferably all of it), and definitely Kiro's backstory/sidefics to make sense of this ficlet. ~740 words.

EDIT: This takes place before Kiro's fics -- 5 or 6 years before Aaron meets the twins. It's back-backstory. :p But read his first!

mad spoilers ahoy! )
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Set shortly after Like Opening, Like Closing (maybe even an epilogue to that fic). Spoilers. Worksafe.

Reciprocal )
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This story is part of Keiran's backstory. Although I hope it would make sense on its own, it contains spoilers, so I strongly recommend reading the main fic up to chapter 9 first.

Like Opening, Like Closing )
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