Part 29

Jun. 24th, 2006 12:52 am
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... No, you don't get a clever opening for this. Only warnings that would be spoilers and a request to please don't shoot the Author. ~_~

Part 29 )

Part 27

Jun. 16th, 2006 08:40 pm
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Make sure you've read Part 26 before you read this!


Sometimes, you can't bury the past fast enough...

Part 27 )

Part 26

Jun. 16th, 2006 08:34 pm
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Sometimes, you have to walk away...

Part 26 )

Part 23

May. 11th, 2006 11:46 am
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Temperature Rising

Part 23 )
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!drabble, for International Saiyuki week. Reposting from my own journal.

Tamsin wouldn't sulk.... )

Part 19

Feb. 3rd, 2006 08:04 pm
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It's just a minor inconvenience in Tamsin's life, right?

Part 19 )

Part 17

Nov. 21st, 2005 06:26 pm
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Tamsin and Keiran have a little chat about certain recent events.

Warnings: Twincest. (finally. geez, boys.) Not worksafe.

Part 17 )

Part 14a

Oct. 7th, 2005 08:11 am
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A short excerpt because I haven't had time or inclination for anything more yet.

Part 14a )

Part 13

Sep. 22nd, 2005 05:55 pm
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Bonus chapter! with twins flashback! o.O;

In which... um... ah, hell. :p Jake and Keiran Talk. Yeah. Let's leave it at that.

Warnings: um... Aspiring mad scientists and some violent weird shit. (so says Kiro, who is responsible for that part of the plot via a freakin' weird nightmare had while camping.) But not between Jake and Keiran. Yeah. *scratches head*

Part 13 )

Part 9

Sep. 2nd, 2005 10:15 pm
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*drumrolll please!* A complete chapter of Wrap Your Arms Around Me -- in which Steve gets tackle-glomped, Keiran gets possessive and Jake comes to a rather painful realization.

Part 9 )

Part 8

Sep. 2nd, 2005 10:13 pm
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And so begins "chapter 2" -- some ruminations on computers as houses, and blatant Neal Stephenson references. ^_^

Part 8 )


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